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Tree & Shrub Pest/Fungus Control Milton, GA

Cumming Tree & Shrub Pest/Fungus Control

Many trees and shrubs that are used in landscaping aren’t always native to your area and may require excessive hedge & shrub trimming. Consequently, trees and shrubs are at risk for becoming stressed, leaving them susceptible to pests and fungus. If your trees and shrubs show any of the following symptoms you may have a pest or fungus problem.

  • Wet spots
  • Oozing sap
  • Leaf drop
  • Browning or yellowing
  • Die back
  • Mushroom growth

When you need help with tree and shrub pest and fungus control, we at Tommy Gun Lawn Care will solve the problem. Or, better yet, contact us to care for your trees and shrubs before you have a problem.

Our proven bi-annual preventative programs will insure that your trees and shrubs are as healthy as they can be. Our professional lawn care specialists can evaluate your trees and shrubs and work with you to formulate a preventative program for you precious trees and shrubs.

And, if you already have a pest or fungus problem, we’ll diagnosis the pest or fungus issue and come up with a plan to combat the problem to bring your tree and shrub pest or fungus issue back into control. You can rely on our experienced professionals to be there when you need our assistance.

With over thirteen years of experience in the Cumming, Alpharetta and Roswell area lawn care business, we have developed our pest and fungus fighting arsenal to handle any pest or fungus problem you’ll find here. We work and live in your community. We know the lawn care needs of this area and are dedicated to keeping your yard as pest and fungus free as possible.

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Tommy Gun Lawn Care has been the go-to Alpharetta and Cumming Landscape Maintenance Company Since 1995!

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