Cumming Sod Installation

Is your grass looking a bit sparse? Do you have bare spots in your yard? Do you need new sod installed for a brand-new lawn at a new home or business? Tommy Gun Lawn Care sod installers are here to help you. With over twenty years of experience in lawn care service, we'll install your sod correctly and efficiently to give you the lush, healthy lawn you desire.

Serving the Cumming, Alpharetta and Roswell areas in sod installation for many years, we at Tommy Gun Lawn Care are familiar with what types of sod thrive in your community. Our experienced professionals will help you choose the sod that is right for your home or business. We will expertly install it and offer you our services to maintain it as well. We take the time to evaluate your soil and property and listen to your expectations to determine the best type grass and sod for your new lawn.

New sod is the fastest way to create a gorgeous lawn, but it needs to be done correctly to last. If installed wrong, even sod can die or refuse to flourish. Our lawn care experts at Tommy Gun Lawn Care understand the best types of grass or sod for shaded, sunny or high-traffic areas. We can help you pick the right grass to give you the lawn you desire, then install it professionally to obtain the best results. When done correctly, new sod can create a stunning lawn in just a few weeks, and with our ongoing lawn care services, we can help ensure that it lasts for many years to come.

Alpharetta GA Sod Installs

Creating a beautiful lawn from sod starts with finding the best grass for your needs. While you may like the appearance of a certain type of grass, it may not be the best option for your soil or property attributes. Our professionals at Tommy Gun Lawn Care can help you find the perfect grass that will give you the appearance you desire, while offering the maintenance and durability features you want for your new lawn.

In Georgia, certain grasses grow better than others. We offer sod installs with various types of popular grasses in our region, each offering its own benefits. Some of the most popular options for sod that we use include:

  • Bermuda sod. A popular sod choice in Georgia, Bermuda sod requires less mowing and less watering than some other options but turns brown and goes dormant in the fall.
  • Fescue sod. A lush, green grass that remains green all year round, fescue sod requires more frequent watering and mowing than some others and requires year-round maintenance.
  • Zoysia sod. An expensive, but very lush choice, zoysia sod is easy to maintain, requires little mowing, but goes dormant in the fall.
  • Shade-tolerant Bermuda sod. Developed at UGA's renowned turfgrass breeding program, this sod tolerates up to 70% continuous shade, while retaining all the qualities of traditional Bermuda sod products.

Choosing the right sod option can create a lawn that will look wonderful but have the attributes you desire. If you want a green lawn year-round, fescue may be best for your needs, but will need more maintenance. Bermuda and zoysia are great for low maintenance, but will not necessarily keep your lawn green through the winter. It all depends on your preference and your property. With our guidance, we can help you choose the best option and install it for you to obtain results that will last.

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Call (770) 402-1230 or contact our knowledgeable Cumming sod installation company at Tommy Gun Lawn Care for a free estimate of our sod installation services. We'll advise you of what sod will best serve your home or business needs, schedule a time to deliver it, install your sod and give you ample instruction in the maintenance of your new lawn. Or, better yet, you can utilize our services to maintain that new lawn.