Could a Drainage Solution Revive Your Landscape?

Posted on Behalf of Tommy Gun Lawn Care

Have the summer afternoon rain showers revealed some obvious drainage problems in your yard. Poor drainage can not only ruin the health and appearance of your landscape, but it can also make your lawn a space that is rarely used. A simple investment in a drainage solution can turn your soggy landscape into a vibrant, attractive and usable outdoor space.

Was it just a lot of rain or do you really have a drainage issue? There are certain warning signs of erosion and poor drainage in your yard. Do you notice any of the following?

  • Areas of standing water
  • Soggy grass that doesn't grow well
  • Mosquito problems
  • Water stains in the basement
  • Gutters that gush
  • Migrating mulch or other ground cover

Erosion can sabotage your landscape investment as well as put your home at risk for damage. Controlling your erosion and solving drainage issues can involve laying better ground cover, regrading your property, installing a French drain, building a retaining wall or creating a dry creek bed. Don't assume that your drainage solution will be an eyesore on your property. At Tommy Gun Lawn Care, we offer attractive, natural-looking ways to redirect water on your property. It is important to put a long-lasting and durable solution in place that will guide rainwater away from your home, flower beds and low-lying grass.

Are you tired of swarming mosquitoes, dispersed mulch and soggy grass in your yard? Let the professionals of Tommy Gun Lawn Care evaluate your landscape and determine which drainage solution is best for you. We offer budget-friendly options and courteous, timely service.