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Is My Tree Dead or Dormant?

Many of us have trees throughout our landscape. They provide shade, aesthetic appeal and valued foliage to our property. Unfortunately, trees don’t last forever. Whether it is disease, trauma or simply the end of its lifespan, a tree can die and demand timely removal. While it is easier to spot a dead tree in the spring and summer when the surrounding vegetation is a lively green, it becomes more challenging to know if a tree is dead in the winter.

Does Your Retaining Wall Need Repair?

While retaining walls can be created to add aesthetic value to a landscape, they primarily serve a functional purpose of reducing damage and erosion from rainwater on a sloped property. Essentially, this hardscape design should hold the soil in place in areas that are uneven and redirect drainage elsewhere.

5 Rules for Winter Mowing

Just because the cold weather is here, doesn’t mean it is time to store your lawn mower. Although it is more on an “as needed” basis, your turf will still need to be groomed over the winter months. Your winter lawn care needs are largely dependent on the weather conditions outside as well as the type of grass you have. However, all grasses will slow in growth and go dormant over the winter, which requires much less mowing than other times of year. But you’re not off the hook altogether. In fact, mowing during the winter requires special precautions.

Your Winter Lawn Care Can Make or Break Your Spring Landscape

As we enter the cold winter months and spend more time indoors than out, don’t make the assumption that you can totally hibernate from your winter lawn care tasks. In fact, your lawn is relying on you to give it proper care during the winter months so that it can be healthy and pest-free when spring arrives!

Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Fall?

More than pumpkin spiced lattes and college football, Autumn is known for changing and colorful leaves. While most of us like to sit and admire the display of red, orange and yellow on the trees during fall, have you ever stopped to think about why or how leaves change their color? The science behind it all is quite interesting.

Maintaining Your Fall Landscape

Who doesn’t love fall? Not only is it time for college football and pumpkin spice lattes, but we also get a chance to enjoy the outdoors at its best. Many people are ready to say goodbye to the sweltering Georgia heat and welcome the colorful variety of leaves and cool crisp Autumn air.

3 Reasons to Consider Outdoor Lighting

While outdoor lighting is an optional investment, it could be just the addition your landscape needs for maximum use, safety and appeal. Outdoor lighting can take a variety of forms, and it is important to know your options.

Could a Drainage Solution Revive Your Landscape?

Have the summer afternoon rain showers revealed some obvious drainage problems in your yard. Poor drainage can not only ruin the health and appearance of your landscape, but it can also make your lawn a space that is rarely used.

Are Privacy Trees Right for You?

Need a little more privacy in your backyard when the kids are outside playing? Does the view of headlights and street traffic ruin your front porch experience? You are not alone. Unless you live on multiple acres of land, most homeowners struggle to find enough privacy for their outdoor space.