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Tips to Avoid Frost Damage in Your Landscape Milton, GA

Tips to Avoid Frost Damage in Your Landscape

While we don’t have heavy snow or extreme cold in Georgia, our winter and early spring season can certainly include some frost-ridden mornings. Unfortunately, frost can cause irreversible damage to plants throughout your landscape. Here are some tips to prevent frost damage and ensure your landscape revives to beauty in the spring. What is Frost?…

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The Risk of Not Winterizing Your Irrigation System

Living in the south doesn’t always help us avoid harsh winter temperatures. In fact, just like northern properties, your Georgia home and landscape is likely to encounter some freezing temperatures each year. It is your responsibility to ensure those plummeting degrees don’t damage your lawn as well as what you use to take care of…

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Fall Weed Control

Weed Control Milton GA

When it comes to controlling weeds on your lawn, the fall months are the perfect time to take action. In fact, what you do with weeds during these cooler months can drastically influence the health and condition of your lawn in the future seasons. So as you enjoy the colors and beauty of autumn, don’t…

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Reasons to Consider Landscape Lighting for Your Home and Business

Outdoor Garden Lights

While proper lighting is considered a need inside your home, lighting outdoors is often seen as optional or a luxury. The truth, however, is that landscape lighting can provide significant benefits towards the look, feel and value of your home as well as your business. In fact, outdoor lighting may take priority on your next…

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5 Surprising Threats to a Healthy Lawn

Beautiful Trees and Shrubs in a Residential Neighborhood

Everyone wants the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood. Grass that is lush, green and manicured can add curb appeal to your home as well as be a source of pride for the owner of the home. While fertilizers and irrigation are very important to the health and appearance of your grass, there are also some…

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Lawn Maintenance: Why Hiring a Professional is Best

House with Garden Patio

Keeping up with your family can often leave little time to keep up with your lawn. In fact, a well-maintained and healthy landscape can demand countless hours that many homeowners simply don’t have. Still, it can be hard to justify the investment of hiring a professional to perform lawn maintenance tasks that you “should” be…

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Always Scoop the Poop

Lawn Mowing

Is your lawn a favorite bathroom for the neighborhood dogs? While you may consider dog poop an eyesore or a nuisance to dodge, it can also be a major health risk to your yard and your family. After you learn the facts about dog poop, you’ll be sure to remember your scooper or potty bags…

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Three Common Summer Lawn Diseases

Sprinkler System Watering New Sod

Summer can be the time you enjoy your lawn most. Unfortunately, it is also a prime time for disease to spread throughout your turf. You’ll need to keep a close eye on your grass and address any unusual changes in appearance. Here are three common lawn diseases to watch out for this summer: Dollar Spot…

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Should You Consider Lawn Aeration This Spring?

Sprinkler System Watering New Sod

Your grass pulls its nutrients from the soil in order to live and grow. However, if the soil is compacted, your turf can starve. Soil compaction is one of the most common lawn issues that Georgia homeowners face. It deprives your grass of the oxygen, nutrients and water it needs while also preventing carbon dioxide…

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Beginner’s Guide to Lawn Watering

Sprinkler System Watering New Sod

Like most living things, your grass relies on water to survive. In fact, how much, how often and when it is watered can make a significant difference in how your grass looks and thrives. Lawn irrigation is far more than just putting a sprinkler in the center of your yard. It is not hard science,…

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